Analytical capabilities
Сurrent functionality
Identify new opportunities for your business with advanced data analysis technologies and handy custom tools. We are constantly developing the analytical capabilities of the system and we are ready to develop functionality that meets your exact requirements.
Change detector
Automatic deteсtion of changes that occurred at the object during selected monitoring period, and their graphical representation on the map of the object.
Object infocards
Display of automatically updated info cards on an object - readiness of working documentation, construction progress, object cost.
Solutions for Control and Planning
Earthworks, soil movement and driving routes planning, equipment load calculation.

Automated calculation of the number of trees to cut down for road and power lines construction. Control overgrowth and fallen trees detection in the security zone of power lines.
GPS tracking
Data on staff and equipment paths and fuel use based on GPS trackers to evaluate performance and monitor compliance with industrial safety requirements.
Pattern recognition
Analytixair Tool computer vision system allows to detect, classify and track various objects: people, equipment, building materials, structures, vegetation.

Images and detected objects are geo-referenced and pinpointed to location.
User tools
A set of custom tools for:
- Calculation of distance and area;
- Calculation of the surface profile;
- Calculations of the volume of embankments and excavations;
- Work with vector data and tabular data;
- Building interactive graphs;
- Coordinate reference areas.
Reports example
Generation of automated reports on the progress of work at the facility for the reporting period with the ability to customize user reports.
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